Proffe’s Trend Portfolio Marks its 1st Anniversary with a Stellar 107.50% Return

By: November 22, 2023

I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! 

We certainly have plenty to be thankful for.

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But I generally don’t get down to the real nitty gritty – performance.

I’m going to make an exception this time because it’s the one-year anniversary of Proffe’s Trend Portfolio 2.0 and it seems a good time to show you what we’ve done in the past wild and wooly year.

This graph shows my Trend Portfolio 1.0’s path to $1 million from $30,000, which took a little over 10 years.

The gold line is the performance of Trend Portfolio 2.0 in its first year. It’s already hitting the 5-year performance market for 1.0!

Proffe’s Trend Portfolio 2.0 Off to a Blazing Start with META and AMD

What that graph shows is partially the tales of two markets, and also the adaptations I’ve made from one generation of this portfolio to the next.

My 1.0 started with 12 stocks and about as many options (the options come and go as my Trendsetter Strategy signals).

The reason for this structure was we were coming out of a financial cataclysm and the central banks were building a low-interest, slow-growth, easy money world. That meant low volatility and my long-term options weren’t going to shine right from the start. I would have to pick my opportunities.

The stocks were going to be the stars of the show because there was no place else to go for growth. 

But 2.0 launched in an entirely different market. Volatility was now the name of the game and we were already experience soaring interest rates, red-hot growth and a revitalized bond market.

For this portfolio I picked 10 stocks instead of 12. And I allocated more money into the long-term, in-the-money options I use.

And right out of the gate, it was working.

This was a Meta (NASDAQ:META) option I added in early December. This is our best option trade in the last year.

We bought meta on 7 December 22 and sold it on 10 February 23 for a profit of 124.79%.

In just 3 months I more than doubled our investment.

And below was an Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) option I added later that same month.

This was our second best option of the year. We bought it on 14 December 22 and sold it on 24 May 23. We scored a whopping 104% gain in less than six months.

In the past year, 2.0’s combined portfolio is up a stunning 105%. The options are soaring and the stocks are keeping pace with the NASDAQ 100 and trouncing the S&P 500.

All with 10 core MegaTrend long-term growth stocks and a handful of options on MegaTrend stocks.

And the crazy thing is, we’re just getting started. Join us on our path to $1 million!

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