A $1 Billion to $30+ Billion Market in the Next 5 Years

By: April 25, 2024

This is the kind of growth that healthcare robotics will be experience in the coming years.

It was well on its way when the pandemic hit, and since then, healthcare has ended up on the back burner as inflation and rapid growth expanded as the economy rebounded when the pandemic relented.

This will be one of those “quiet revolutions” that won’t get the headlines that artificial intelligence (AI) or cryptocurrencies received in recent years.

Healthcare is generally very conservative and very serious – it’s not the Wild West that digital technology tends to be. That means this transformation will be significant, but won’t make many headlines.

For example, below is the Gita from the Italian firm that makes Vespa and Moto Guizzi scooters, Piaggio (OTC: PIAGF). It can follow people around and has storage to help keep equipment and supplies on hand for people in institutional or real life settings.

(source: Statista.com)

More specifically, there are companies, like Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG), that have developed da Vinci System that assists in surgeries.

The doctor operates the arms remotely and the system can perform very intricate surgical procedures – always with a steady hand!

Source: Intuitive Surgical

Another similar company is the mega-healthcare equipment maker Stryker (NYSE: SYK). It has developed its Mako robotic arm-assisted surgery machines that specialize in partial/total hip replacements and knee replacements. In 2017, the Mako system had already performed its 100,000th surgery in the US!

Another interesting approach to can

Cancer treatments and surgeries has been developed by Accuray (NASDAQ: ARAY).

It can not only maneuver into positions to deliver radiotherapy to hard to reach places like the pancreas, but it also has developed the Accuray CyberKnife System. It’s the first surgical tool that delivers precise radiotherapy, which keeps the therapy where it needs to be delivered, and not broadly distributed.

Source: ResearchGate

These are just a handful of examples of the possibilities as we move forward. ABB (NYSE: ABB) is another blue-chip stock that’s using robotics to revolutionize pharmacy dispensaries.

Source: ABB

There are great opportunities and you can be sure we’re on top of all that’s happening with the changes robots are making in every aspect of our lives today and tomorrow…and we’re committed to helping you profit from these amazing changes.

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