An All-Stock Portfolio Designed to Succeed in Any Market Environment

Proffe’s Growth Stocks (PGS) is our entry-level, stock-only publication. It contains 20 of our highest conviction MegaTrend stocks vetted by Michael Proffe’s Trendsetter strategy. At only $49.95/year, PGS is an incredible value for the investor who aspires to make market-smashing stock returns over the , but doesn’t want to be glued to their portfolio or markets.

Portfolio Snapshot
Approx. Number of Positions
20 Stocks
Risk Profile
Frequently Asked Questions
How often is this newsletter published? Bi-weekly (Thursday) with e-mail updates and purchase/sales alerts as needed
How much capital should I have to get started? Approx. $20,000 - $30,000
What will we be buying? Large-cap stocks
Do you put on short trades? No
What's a typical holding period? 12 Months

About Proffe’s Growth Stocks

Growth is not an option. It is a necessity! As an investor, there is one thing that you must make a top priority: growth. Whether you are looking for income, growth, or a combination of the two, you first have to insist on growth. Without dividend growth or earnings growth, there is no chance your portfolio will work harder than you do.

That is why Michael Proffe built Proffe’s Growth Stocks (PGS). 

PGS is a bi-weekly publication designed to give you global diversification without ever leaving the US market. We do this by using the market’s natural volatility or dynamic impulses. For example, sometimes, there are stocks that, although they may be in an intact trend, might also be taking a temporary growth breather.

In such cases, they are sometimes swapped out of the portfolio for another trend-following stock that may have substantially more growth potential at that particular point in time. So, there are stocks that lie in the portfolio, not for 6 or 10 years, but are possibly exchanged out after 8 or 14 months. There are no limits; everything is possible.

At only $49.95 a year, PGS is an incredible value for new subscribers who are unfamiliar with Michael Proffe and looking to better understand his philosophy on the markets and stock selection. Over the 5-year period since launching PGS in 2016, the portfolio has generated roughly $82,972 in profits, yet a subscription to the publication would have cost investors a fraction of those returns.

Here’s what you can expect:

Bi-Weekly Market Commentary

Bi-weekly insights on portfolio developments and updates on the stocks in the portfolio.

Buy List of Stocks

Complete access to a list of recommended stocks with accompanying metrics to help guide investment decisions.

In-Depth Analysis of Profiled Stocks

Each issue provides readers with a detailed analysis of a particular stock in the portfolio and how it fits into Michael’s Trendsetter Strategy.

Buy and Sell Alerts

You will receive buy and sell alerts on current stocks as they happen and strategies for what to do with the capital from those positions.

Trendsetter Strategy

Every idea in the portfolio is vetted by Michael Proffe using his time-tested Trendsetter Strategy recognized for its ability to pinpoint companies that consistently generate profits over the long term in both bull and bear markets.