Proffe’s Trend Portfolio Reaches $1,000,000

By: July 22, 2021

Recently, we celebrated along with our subscribers a very exciting milestone at Proffe Invest. A milestone that truly demonstrates the power of the Trendsetter Strategy and the Trend Portfolio system involving MegaTrend stocks and options.

What is the milestone?

Proffe’s Trend Portfolio reached the one million dollar mark!


From $30,000 to One Million!

This portfolio was launched in 2010 with $30,000, reaching a 3,792% performance increase as of mid-July. The beauty of this portfolio is that there are just 12 stocks at all times, and some of them have been in the portfolio since the very beginning.

It proves that our simple, long-term strategy involving trend following stocks can produce incredible results. Low-risk, high-return investments aren’t a myth, they just take time to come to fruition. The most promising part is that these profits continue to climb!

Like any wealth building cornerstone, the more money you can invest upfront, the faster you’ll succeed. Starting with $30,000 meant it took longer to get to that million-dollar mark than it would have if we started with $500,000.

Many investors start at this level of commitment, and that’s OK. Our modus operandi is to buy quality stocks and let them run. For example, Proffe’s Trend Portfolio only has 12 stocks and a third of them have been around since the products were launched.

The trick to safe investing is finding the right stocks. That’s where the MegaTrends philosophy and the Trendsetter Strategy come into play.


The Performance of Proffe's Trend Portfolio Since Its Start in 2010


Our Unique Options Strategy

You should know that our Trend Portfolio reached one million dollars consisting of a Stock Portfolio and an Option Portfolio. It’s these components that have worked in tandem to produce these amazing results. Take a look at the options graph below:


Our Unique Options Strategy


From $15,000 to over $900,000 in 10.5 years! There’s no denying that these results are impressive, and what’s just as wonderful is that my options strategy is unlike any other – simple investing that maximizes gains while minimizing risk.


This Is Just the Beginning!

Check back for more postings if you’d like to know more, as we’ll go into detail about our unique options strategy and our profitable trend following strategy with proven results. Our strategy is for the experienced and the novice investor.

Our blog will give you insight into how you can access the power of MegaTrends so your portfolio can reach $1,000,000 too! For more information right now on how our low risk investing strategy gets big gains, CLICK HERE.


Try our Easy Investing Strategy for Free

If you’ve come to learn how to build wealth, we’re in the business of helping. Right now, you can see for yourself what it’s like to look at a one-million-dollar portfolio of stocks and options by taking advantage of our offer to have access to our Trend Portfolio for FREE for 30 days.

There’s NO commitment or obligation after the 30 days. You either pay the invoice we send you at the end of 30 days to continue with a subscription, or you ignore it and do nothing.

It’s simple, just like our investment strategy.

Now that we’ve hit our first million, I hope you will join us for the next million! It won’t take nearly as long to get there, so let’s get started. CLICK HERE!


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