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Subscribe to Proffe’s AI MegaTrends for AI stock picks poised to break out. Leveraging the TrendSetter strategy, it combines fundamental analysis and technical insights to identify top AI stocks. Subscribers also gain exclusive access to US options packages alongside the AI stocks in the portfolio.

Portfolio Snapshot
Stocks Portfolio
Up to 10 stocks with active trading in the portfolio
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Options Portfolio
Up to 10 short and middle term options will be in our portfolio and can only bought by subscriber.
Risk Profile
Frequently Asked Questions
How often is this newsletter published? Proffe's AI MegaTrends is published on the last Friday of each month, complete with insightful e-mail updates. These updates include timely purchase and sale alerts for stocks, ensuring you stay informed and can act quickly on new opportunities as they arise.
How much capital should I have to get started? Subscribers have the flexibility to invest any amount, from $1,000 to $15,000 or more, across the portfolio without a mandatory starting capital. In a departure from other Proffe publications, we will display the percentage return for each position from the time of purchase to sale, instead of the dollar amount invested.
What will we be buying? Generative AI-related stocks.
Will you also be buying options? Subscribers of the publication will get exclusive access to trade alerts for special options packages, available for separate purchase as a potential boost to their portfolio. These are optional and offered as market opportunities present themselves.
What's a typical holding period? This portfolio will have greater activity compared to our other publications, with positions being bought and sold within weeks or months, rather than adhering to a long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

About Proffe’s AI MegaTrends

Navigating the AI investment landscape can be challenging, especially if you think you’ve missed opportunities like Nvidia and are uncertain about other potential investments. Or maybe, you’re looking to broaden your tech investments beyond AI.

Here’s the good news: The AI revolution is just getting started. My brand-new stock market service “Proffes AI Megatrends” will help uncover hidden gems in the market, companies with significant growth potential, both within and outside the AI sector. Moreover, I offer not just top investment ideas in artificial intelligence but also premier analysis in each publication and market commentary to maximize investments with the best risk-reward balance.

Expect active trading: The ever-evolving AI sector, with its frequent emergence of new players, necessitates active trading in our stock portfolio. We’ll adapt to shifting developments and inventions, or when specific AI companies show exceptional strength. Our goal is to capitalize on rapid growth periods in individual stocks, ensuring our investments align with these surges. Should a stock temporarily plateau, we might not engage, even if the broader trend remains positive. Our focus is on investing where the momentum is strongest.

Exclusive AI options packages for subscribers: As an added benefit to subscribers, I have something special for you that will make your portfolio grow even faster. Picture this: alongside your AI stocks, you have the opportunity to purchase U.S. options. Subscribers of Proffe’s AI MegaTrends will gain access to carefully timed options packages, designed to complement the stock portfolio investments. But remember, investing in U.S. options is completely optional. If it’s not your preference, you can focus solely on the stocks, replicating the stock portfolio. All additional offers are just that – additional.

As you contemplate the future and the wonders it holds, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence, does the prospect of being a part of this journey excite you? I am eagerly looking forward to the coming years, anticipating the remarkable advancements AI will bring to our investments. There are likely to be shifts and innovations beyond our current imagination. I am prepared to navigate and capitalize on these changes through my new stock market service, “Proffes AI Megatrends.” Are you ready to join me on this adventure? If so, the journey begins today. Be with us from the outset as we explore and leverage the latest developments in AI for our mutual benefit!