Long Term Investing Success Despite the Pandemic

By: October 15, 2021

My favorite sport is soccer, and there’s a reason for this that translates into how I invest. I focus my picks on long-term investing trends that will continue to drive markets in good times and bad. As such, I also only hold a dozen stocks at a time in my Trend Portfolio. Some of my other investment products have larger stock portfolios, but not by much!

The thing about soccer is you field a team of 11 players, and there are only 3 substitutes available for the entire 90-minute match. What that means is, through rain or shine, blisteringly hot or freezing cold conditions, the players you choose to put on the field need to be at their peak performance. If you’re not choosing your best soccer players, you could lose this grueling stamina match.

Similarly, I use this same framework when I consider how to choose stocks for my portfolios. Using my Trendsetter Strategy, I search for the best performing stocks across industries that will always be in need. I don’t substitute them during rallies, or selloffs. They are there for the long-term.

Long-term investing is what my MegaTrend strategy is all about! In the uncertain times we’re living in, it comforts me to know I’ve got the best soccer players in the world playing for me, working hard now and building generational wealth for the future.

Follow the Megatrend Road: Long Term Investing for Success


When it comes to Long-Term Investing, The Trend is Your Friend

I always make it clear to my subscribers that there is a big difference in trends and events when it comes to investing wisely for the long-term. The trend is your friend and the pandemic is an event. While the pandemic may have some effect on broader trends or MegaTrends, it’s not a trend in and of itself.

What it has revealed is that the MegaTrend stocks I hold in my investment portfolio continue to outperform because they represent the best of the best in their particular sectors. When times are good or bad, investors seek these MegaTrends because they’re stocks that have proven to be able to navigate challenging markets. They’re adaptable and disruptive, making them some of the best long-term investment examples.

A wealth building cornerstone can weather any storm. Regardless of when the Pandemic will end, here is how you can follow the MegaTrends for long-term investment success.

The Time to Profit is Now

Proffe’s Global Growth Portfolio is a bi-monthly publication designed to give you global diversification without ever leaving the US market.

As with all my products, everything starts with my MegaTrends and my Trendsetter Strategy screening, which is a combination of technical, fundamental, and sentimental indicators. As a result, it helps me pick the best stocks (MegaTrends) for my portfolios. I continuously run my screenings on a regular basis to ensure that these stocks remain top MegaTrends.

From $30,000 to over $85,000 in 5 years – a 184.50% gain!

184.50% increase in just 5 years! Long term investing for success

This is a stock portfolio service that has delivered an average of 37% per year during the last 5 years. That’s $45,500 in real hard dollars!

Let me remind you that you don’t have to make investing a full-time job if you have the right stocks in your portfolio, and investing in the right stocks is far more efficient and effective than trading. If you want easy investing, you’ve found it.

Let your money work for you, so you have more time to live your life the way you want to. That’s my motto and why I advocate for long term vs short term investments: creating More Time to Live! Suffice to say, it’s time to grow your profit with PGGP.

The best news of all is that Proffe’s Global Growth Portfolio is only $49.95 for an annual subscription! That’s $2.08 a month for 24 issues of an all-stock portfolio that you can easily and profitably follow. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

A Portfolio Worth a Million

Proffe’s Trend Portfolio is our top tier stocks and options portfolio. Back in June, we topped $1 million from our initial $30,000 investment in a little over 10 years.

Unheard of 4,128% Performance Increase! Long term investing for success


Learn more about this exciting milestone by watching our video HERE.

Once a week, we send out our issue to subscribers with an editorial from yours truly, where I dive into a featured stock before showing the MegaTrends stocks and options that carry my investment portfolios to success. It’s simple investing – buy when I buy, sell when I sell.

My unique options trading strategy is probably unlike any options strategy you have ever heard of before. It’s conservative, easy to execute, and very profitable. My Trend Portfolio is the only one that incorporates options, along with some limited  Options Packages offered throughout the year.

You can subscribe for a hassle free, no commitment 30 day trial! We’ll only ask for payment information after the trial for your continued subscription. With this in mind, you can start your investment journey and invest easy by subscribing here!

Proffe’s MegaTrends is FREE!

Lastly, I’m offering you a totally free newsletter. If you want to get your feet wet and learn more about my Trendsetter Strategy and how I identify Megatrends, you can subscribe to my MegaTrend’s Newsletter! It goes straight to your inbox every Thursday.

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We hope this has given you more insight into our services and how you can get involved in a long-term investing strategy that has proven itself profitable year after year. For more information, visit proffeinvest.com and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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