New Advantages to Remote Learning

By: February 9, 2023

By now, you probably realize that remote learning has been around for hundreds of years. With every new development in technology, remote learning continues to improve. Internet technology and apps like Zoom and Teams have transformed remote learning from a strictly asynchronous affair to a completely synchronous one. This means that students can learn along with the teacher and other students in real time.

However, let’s face it, using Zoom, Teams, or Meet can be cumbersome. Not to mention in person, face to face interaction affords higher resolution of people’s facial expressions, and in the end, more effective communication.

Large school class on Zoom. (Source:

Just as new internet technology brought synchronicity to remote learning, the upcoming metaverse and augmented reality (AR) will go a long way towards solving these shortcomings.

The Metaverse to The Rescue

Imagine a class of students and a professor all represented as avatars in a virtual reality classroom. Each participant wears virtual reality goggles, and their avatar has been carefully engineered to have lifelike facial expressions.

Such a scenario in the Metaverse is a closer possibility than you may realize. Companies like Google and Meta Systems  (NASDAQ: META) are hard at work trying to make this world a virtual reality.

What a class in the Metaverse might look like. (Source:

Learning in the metaverse will offer infinitely more than this. It will be possible to have fantastic virtual tours of famous museums all over the world.

For example, it will be possible to have field trips through the famed Musee D’Orsay in Paris and view renowned paintings by Van Gough and Picasso. This will be possible for everyone, regardless of geographic location.

Perhaps visiting historical sites like Pompei in Italy could be even better in the metaverse than in person because a completely restored virtual Pompei is possible in the metaverse, but not in reality.

As another example of an amazing possibility, civil engineering students will be able to visit large civil structures, like the Three Gorges Dam in China, but with the water removed so they can get a better sense of the engineering involved. The possibilities are unlimited.

Today, the Google Arts and Culture app offers the ability to visit hundreds of famous international museums and historical sites without leaving your computer desk.

Hybrid Education Opens Wonderful Opportunities as Well

No matter how good a metaverse education may become, hybrid learning where AR is combined with in-person learning also offers some wonderful opportunities.

For example, today many lab classes, such as chemistry lab classes, are very beneficial for students, but they’re also very resource intensive and extremely expensive for schools.

Procuring enough chemicals, beakers, test tubes, Bunsen burners, etc. is very expensive. Not to mention chemicals, such as strong acids, can be risky to have around teenage high school students.

However, a real classroom combined with virtual reality goggles would allow students to handle such chemicals and associated glassware without risk of injury and without consuming expensive chemicals. That would make these educational experiences available to a much broader range of school districts.

A hybrid of in-person instruction and augmented reality offers incredible educational opportunities. (Source:

The Remote Education MegaTrend

This is why remote learning is a MegaTrend that has been developing over centuries. Educators have long seen the opportunities afforded by new technologies, such as radio, television, and most recently, by the internet.

Today’s tech has even greater power to democratize and broaden our educational efforts. Be sure the wonderful advancements offered by the metaverse and augmented reality will accelerate the benefits and reduce the drawbacks of remote education.  Investing in companies like Meta and Google are two of the best ways to participate in this tech-revitalized MegaTrend. 

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