Find the Value Where Hardware and Software Meet (SNPS)

By: April 28, 2022

Next-Gen Chips Demand a Next-Gen-Focused Company

Up to now, we have hardware – semiconductors and other electronics that power our electronic devices. Everything these days seems to have some kind of “intelligence” in it, from our cars, toaster ovens, and thermostats to phones, computers, and e-readers. Today, most of the builds are serial, meaning the hardware is built and then the software is built after it understands the architecture of the chip.

Synopsis (NASDAQ: SNPS) saw this as a challenge. What if you could build both the hardware and software sides of the chipsets simultaneously? You could save tons of time and also troubleshoot issues before you ended with a chip that didn’t really fit the software architecture.

Source: LinkedIn

Since 1986, SNPS has been working on moving hardware and software together to not only get new generations of chips faster to market, but also ideally suited for complex purposes as both hardware and software. You see, this kind of technology is crucial to next-generation sectors, like artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, system-on-a-chip (SoC), Internet of Things (IoT), Software as a Service (SaaS), and software testing. This also means things like rapid prototyping, decentralized finance (DeFi), and cybersecurity can also be built with much more rigor and reliability.

Source: Tech Design Forum

Above is the basic challenge. While I’m not an expert enough on the systems side to explain what’s happening here, the fact is that if you’re building out “brains” for solutions like SoC and AI, you have to have increasingly complex chips that will act like a biological brain. That takes massive amounts of software to help it work.

This is why the kind of work that SNPS does is so crucial to the way chips are developed moving forward.

Already An Industry Influencer

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, SNPS CEO, Aart de Geus, is mentioned as one of the people the lead Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) chip designer talked to about building out a proprietary in-house chip for AAPL’s computers moving forward. The point here is that SNPS isn’t just an up-and-comer, it’s an established, well-respected company by some of the most prestigious tech firms in the world.

Source: Synopsys

This has been something we have heard about in the news from the likes of Intel and other major chipmakers in recent years. Where a chip they made and sold has a security flaw that left tens of millions of users exposed and then armies of software engineers had to be deployed to come up with stop-gap fix. Also, bear in mind that this type of dynamic and unified prototyping also helps when it comes to making sure that the hardware and software running on that chip are as secure as possible from the outset.

It also means that this type of unified prototyping helps build quality and security into chips destined for financial use as well as government, military, and intelligence use.

SNPS Stock Continues Its Rise

Even as the chip slowdown due to supply chain issues and Covid lockdowns in China continue, demand for SNPS continues unabated.

The stock has been hit year to date, but for the past 12 months it’s still in positive territory.

This current price drop is a great opportunity to buy into this unique and exciting stock now. Its $44 billion market cap makes it a big fish to swallow for some of its competitors, but it wouldn’t be surprising for a major tech firm like AAPL or Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) to snap it up to further their own goals in building cutting edge consumer and industrial tech solutions.

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